27 November 2019:

Vivun has raised $3 million in Seed Funding. The funding round was led by Unusual Ventures.

Vivun is the creator of the software for Presales, Hero by Vivun, which transforms the way B2B tech companies go to market. Vivun is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Matt Darrow, CEO, Vivun, said, “The thing people don’t realize about Presales is that they get even closer to the customer than Sales. Presales are the ones rolling up their sleeves and working alongside the users. They know things no one else knows, including what it takes to get a prospect to buy. But because there’s no system of record for Presales, all that knowledge goes untapped.”

Matt Darrow, added, “Sometimes you launch a feature that could win a bunch of new customers or drive upsells, but the sales team never hears about it. Or Presales sees capabilities the market is demanding, and word never gets back to the product team. In both cases, the intelligence the business needed is locked up in Presales. It happens all the time.”

Vivun’s innovations include:

  • Sales-Product Hub: Align go-to-market and development teams to achieve breakout growth
  • Market Foresight: Prioritize features that drive maximum business benefit (revenue, competitive differentiation, churn reduction)
  • Activity Management: Shorten sales cycles by uncovering the patterns that get deals done
  • Hero Score®: Nail the sales forecast, leveraging data science to rank opportunities on their technical merit
  • Deal Revival™: Close the deals your sales team forgot about
  • Smart Alerts: Accelerate opportunities with real-time, personalized alerts

(Image – Vivun)

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