Satori Cyber

17 December 2019:

Satori Cyber has raised $5.25 million in Seed Funding. The funding round was led by YL Ventures.

The Satori Cyber Secure Data Access Cloud offers continuous visibility and granular control for data flows across all cloud and hybrid data stores.

Eldad Chai, CEO and Co-founder, Satori Cyber, said, “When you take into consideration the sheer volume of the data and access requests security teams contend with today, implementing proper data protection isn’t just difficult, it’s nearly impossible.”

Eldad Chai, added, “Until now, security teams have relied on a combination of highly segregated and restrictive data access and one-off technology-specific access controls within each data store, which has only slowed enterprises down. The Satori Cyber platform streamlines this process, accelerates data access and provides a holistic view across all organizational data flows, data stores and access, as well as granular access controls, to accelerate an organization’s data strategy without those constraints.”

Rob Geurtsen, Deputy CISO of Nike, said, “Data usage is exploding and effectively securing and ensuring data privacy and compliance is no longer optional. But how do you secure diverse data stores without limiting access and impeding innovation?”

Rob Geurtsen, added, “Today, the only option is to sift through the entire aggregation of an organization’s business intelligence query tools and system integrations to understand what’s going on with its data. It’s an incredibly inefficient and error-prone process, but with the Satori Cyber platform, it will be instantaneous and accurate.”

Ofer Schreiber, Partner at YL Ventures, said, “As soon as we saw Eldad and Yoav’s approach to cloud data protection and governance, we recognized its potential to solve a large, growing and vexing problem in the race to digital transformation. Satori helps enterprises be more data driven and innovate faster, while eliminating data security, privacy and compliance risks.”

(Image – Satori Cyber)

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