25 January 2020:

Kraftful has raised $1 million in Seed Funding.

Google Assistant Investments Program, F7 Ventures, Cleo Capital, Julia Collins (Founder & CEO of Zume Pizza and Planet Forward), Lukas Biewald (Founder & CEO of Figure Eight and Weights & Biases), Nicolas Pinto (Founder & CTO of Perceptio) participated in the funding round.

Kelly Graziadei, Founding Partner of F7 Ventures, said, “Yana is a rare female product leader in the smart home space working on connecting all of those devices together with the customer experience at the forefront. As the Kraftful Co-Founder & CEO, she has identified a unique and significant market opportunity to leverage smart home tech to help people outside the typical early adopter demographic and dramatically increase overall use.”

Ilya Gelfenbeyn, Head of Google Assistant Investments Program, said, “By standardizing the underlying UX of smart home interfaces, Kraftful can iteratively improve all the interfaces at scale in ways that no individual smart home company can.”

Kraftful develops smart home apps that control the smart home.

(Source – Kraftful)

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