03 February 2020:

JumpStory has raised $900k in funding. The startup leverages AI technology to tackle this issue and allow marketers to find images more quickly and efficiently by searching using their own content and quickly narrowing down the most relevant results.

Its platform features a Netflix-style subscription model and gives users unlimited access to 15 million authentic photos, videos, icons, illustrations and vectors, with music soon to be added.

JumpStory also offers users it AI-powered HighJumper feature, which uses neuromarketing analysis to predict which images will be most impactful and helps to quickly narrow down searches.

Jonathan Low, co-founder, JumpStory, said, “The stock image industry is outdated, overpriced and overcomplicated. It seems to be more about uploading millions and millions of visuals rather than about their impact. At JumpStory we are entrepreneurs and marketers by heart, and we know that both groups spend way too much time searching for authentic images. We want to solve their problem by making it super easy to find authentic visuals – and at the same time helping out with predicting which photos will actually create the desired results.”

Jonathan Low, added, “We’ve rethought the entire process from scratch, and are applying AI in order to simplify and improve the experience. Matching images with texts automatically, and in an intelligent way, is one element of this. Using AI to filter out the more fake-looking photos and instead giving them more authentic visuals is also valuable to marketers. These tools are enabling storytellers in 80 countries to find images more quickly and efficiently.”

(Source – JumpStory)

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