14 October 2019, India:

Investigative intelligence platform Siren has raised $10 million in Series A round of funding. The funding round was led by Atlantic Bridge. DVI Equity Partners LLC, Frontline Ventures and Enterprise Ireland also participated in the funding round.

As a part of investment Bob Griffin will join the Siren’s Board of Directors.

Bob Griffin said, “We believe Siren is a pioneer in a market that is about to explode. We are pleased to support their ongoing success and become part of a journey that will see investigative intelligence technologies shape the future direction of law enforcement, cyber security and financial fraud.”

John Randles, CEO of Siren, said, “The demand for investigative intelligence and large-scale interconnected data analysis is constantly accelerating. Our platform uniquely enables this in real-time at a scale that companies and government organizations require. In this sector it is critical to not only raise funds, but also to have the right wealth of experience. For this reason, we’re delighted to have Bob Griffin join the board.”

Gerry Maguire, General Partner of Atlantic Bridge, said, “The latest round of funding will enable Siren to further develop its proposition and expand into new markets, consolidating its position as an industry leader. Siren is revolutionizing the augmented analytics field, creating unprecedented value especially for organizations with large real-time data.”

Dr. Giovanni Tummarello, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, at Siren, said, “Siren stands at the forefront of augmented analytics, the new wave of analytics in which AI techniques give analysts unprecedented powers of investigation. In Siren, techniques like knowledge graph/link analysis, entity resolution, search, natural language processing and predictive analytics seamlessly come together in a single UI. Siren is easy to deploy and leverages data directly on backends such as Elasticsearch, relational databases, virtual data warehouses and graph databases.”

(Image – Siren)

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