Google Maps

09 December 2019:

Google today rolled out Incognito Mode on Google Maps for iOS.

Incognito mode on iOS will work the same way it does on Android. While in Incognito mode, the places users search for or navigate to won’t be saved to their Google Account and they won’t see personalized features within Maps, like restaurant recommendations based on dining spots they have been to previously.

Using Incognito mode on phone will not update the Location History, so the places users go won’t be saved to their Timeline.

Earlier this year, Google had introduced auto-delete controls so user can choose to keep only three or 18 months’ worth of data—anything older than that will be automatically deleted.

Google also announced that bulk delete in Timeline will arrive on Android next month. With bulk delete, users can quickly find and delete multiple places from their Timeline and Location History all at once

User will still have the ability to delete all or part of their Timeline by date range from their Location History settings.

(Source – Google)

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