If you like to capture every moment of your outdoor adventures on the camera, then a GoPro is the right product for you. And this is probably the best time to get one GoPro as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. Although the events will officially start on 23rd and 26th November respectively, the sales and deals are likely to start before that.

Most Black Friday sales usually start on Thanksgiving or even before that and then continue throughout the Black Friday weekend till Cyber Monday. So, let’s check out what kind of deals and discounts we can expect on GoPro cameras on this Black Friday.

Where and When to get the Best Deals

Black Friday is a big sales event for retailers and so, you will come across numerous stores offering attractive deals and discounts. So, it’s better to start looking for a deal from now, as it is difficult to predict when exactly you are going to get the best deal.

For example, last year, the deals started a few days before Black Friday. In fact, big retailers like Amazon started the deals from 17 November and continued it for 10 days before Black Friday. Amazon may repeat the trend this year too. As far as Cyber Monday is concerned, it is likely to start from midnight on the day itself and continue for 24 hours.

Now, coming to the next part of the question, i.e., where to find the best deals, a large number of retailers will be providing huge deals and discounts. But, if you want to shop online, then Amazon and eBay are good places to look for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.  You may also like to visit the GoPro website for some attractive deals.

GoPro Deals to Expect

There are several GoPro models, although they might look similar. The four latest models of GoPro are – GoPro HERO 7 black, HERO 7 White, HERO 7 Silver, and GoPro Fusion camera. Each of these models not only differs in color but also in features and specifications.

The Black model of the HERO range comes with the best specifications, followed by the Silver and the White models. Apart from these 4 latest models, there are other GoPro models like GoPro HERO 6 and GoPro Hero 5, which also come with good specifications. These older models are likely to offer the most attractive deals on this Black Friday.

The GoPro HERO6 range supersedes the GoPro HERO7 and so, there is not much difference in specifications between the two range. The HERO6 black gives 4K video at 60fps, along with super-slow-motion 240fps video at 1080P. This Black Friday, you can expect some good deals on this camera.

As far as the HERO 7 range is concerned, the Black model usually costs $399. Its design is similar to that of HERO 5 and 6. It comes with the same custom GP1 processor found in the HERO 6.

However, it has some additional features like the ability to live stream, smart HDR photo mode, a time-lapse feature, and in-camera stabilization algorithm. It also comes with Hypersmooth technology, which is a digital video stabilization technology.

The HERO 7 Silver model features a less powerful processor than the Black model but it can shoot 4K footage. It is a tough camera that is equipped for vertical shooting and is waterproof to 33ft or 10m. It is usually priced at $299.

The HERO 7 White model, on the other hand, is the entry-level model that will cost you approximately $200. It includes a less powerful processor than the Black model. It can give the maximum video resolution of 1080p. All the 3 models also come with inbuilt waterproof protection to 10m, voice commands features, LCD touchscreen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, and compatibility with GoPro mounts.   

Now, coming back to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, the best deals for most people, especially those who shop online will be available at Amazon. For example, the HERO 6 (Black) is currently available at Amazon for $325.20 (You Save $73.80) as part of its Early Black Friday offers.

The price might get slashed further as the Black Friday approaches. Click here to buy it from Amazon.

The GoPro HERO 5 (E-commerce Packaging) is available at Amazon at $219. You can click here to buy it from Amazon.

Apart from Amazon, you can also find some really good deals on the older models of GoPro cameras in different retail stores. You can check out the prices of GoPro cameras on online shopping sites like eBay.

To sum up, first zero in on the specific model you want to buy and then compare its prices in different stores and online shopping sites to get the best deal. Amazon has already started its Early Black Friday sales with attractive deals and discounts. However, the lightning deals are expected in the Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday.

Image Credit: Portalcirebon.com

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