20 November 2019:

CHEQ has raised $16 million in Series B round of funding from from Battery Ventures and MizMaa Ventures.

The company will use the fresh capital to continue advancing its brand-safety, viewability and ad-fraud prevention capabilities in the areas advertisers rely on the most including display and video, as well as new and emerging media such as CTV and the $152 billion console gaming space.

With this funding, CHEQ has raised $22 million till date.

Guy Tytynovich, Founder and CEO, CHEQ, said, “We are humbled by the incredible support and backing we’ve received from Battery Ventures, who have shared our vision since the very beginning. We are equally delighted to welcome aboard MizMaa Ventures, who in a short period of time have added amazing value and have established themselves as an integral part of the company’s make-up.”

Guy Tytynovich, added, “Now we move forward, continuing to grow rapidly, expanding ad-verification into new areas and sustaining a healthy focus on strong unit-economics and profitability. Advertisers need to feel safe across all their online channels and CHEQ is now well positioned to support that need, as we expand to CTV, console gaming and other exciting mediums.”

Itzik Parnafes, a general partner at Battery Ventures, said, “We are excited to partner with CHEQ and its top-notch team as the company moves into a new phase of growth, and continues its focus on bringing transparency to the world of digital advertising. Now more than ever, brand safety and ad-fraud prevention should be paramount concerns to large brands.”

Aaron Applbaum, Partner at MizMaa Ventures, said, “MizMaa is excited, and genuinely proud to have invested in CHEQ. It is rare to see a confluence of such a rockstar team using deep technology to tackle an enormous market while establishing sustainable unit economics. We believe CHEQ will help keep the free internet viable and running with its real-time safety and anti-fraud products.”

(Image – CHEQ)

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