12 December 2019:

Enterprise AI firm DataRobot today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Paxata, to fulfill its mission to build the automated end-to-end enterprise AI platform.

DataRobot will also continue to support existing Paxata customers.

As part of the acquisition, the companies today unveiled a first-of-its-kind integration into DataRobot’s AI Catalog, making it easier for business analysts and citizen data scientists to prepare data for machine learning.

In addition to the new capability that is available today, the teams will work together to refine and bolster the next generation of data preparation for AI in 2020.

Jeremy Achin, CEO and Co-founder, DataRobot, said, “Data prep for AI has been a long-standing challenge for AI projects. With the addition of the AI-enabled data prep and enterprise data fabric solution from Paxata, we will now give business users the industry’s most complete enterprise-class platform to automate the AI lifecycle from start to finish.”

Ben Haines, SVP, Chief Information Officer at Verizon Media, said, “Combining AI-enabled data prep from Paxata with enterprise AI capabilities from DataRobot will supercharge our ability to transform data and deliver better outcomes all within one platform. As a current customer of both companies, we recognize the strategic value of this acquisition and look forward to the added capabilities that the integration and new data prep offering will provide.”

Ritu Jyoti, Program Vice President, AI strategies at IDC, said, “Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming a business imperative. However, as per IDC’s 2019 Global AI survey, lack of adequate volumes and quality of training data and lack of data science talent have held back AI adoption. Businesses report spending over 50% of the AI lifecycle time in data prep and deployment than actual data science. DataRobot’s AI Catalog integration with Paxata addresses the data prep for AI challenge head-on and will empower AI-powered organizations to deliver more sophisticated business outcomes.”

Prakash Nanduri, CEO and Co-Founder, Paxata, said, ““From day one, our vision has been to enable enterprises to build a data fabric foundation that helps them achieve their digital and AI transformation. No one platform served the needs of enterprises when it came to finding, prepping, consuming, and governing data and simultaneously building, deploying, and maintaining AI solutions at an enterprise scale – until today. We’ve been working with DataRobot to build the next-generation integrated experience and, going forward, our combined entity will have the global scale to deliver on our joint vision.”

(Image – DataRobot)

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